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Wort Wizard

The Wort Wizard Kit is a home-brewing system that converts the wasted hydropower runoff from a counterflow (CF) chiller into a vacuum to draw hot wort from the kettle to the carboy while aerating and removing headspace foam. The Wort Wizard Kit may also be use without a counterflow chiller (see below). The Wort Wizard Kit consists of Venturi & Barb along with Gum Stopper Assembly. Order THE ULTIMATE WORT TRANSFER SYSTEM!, designed and used by Brewmaster Jim Brady himself.

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We sell everything you'll need in the diagrams below, except the hoses; Wort Wizard Kit (Venturi & Barb and Gum Stopper Assembly), Combo Wort Wizard Kit & ChillZilla, replacement Gum Stopper Assemblies, and individual Gum Stoppers. Prices are below and ordering is simple. First, Email Us for a quote (including shipping), or if you have a question. Second, we'll send you a PayPal Invoice (if you have a PayPal account) or a traditional Invoice via email. You can then pay by PayPal, or send us a check or Money Order.

Wort Wizard with ChillZilla  Wort Wizard without ChillZilla

A. Wort Wizard with ChillZillashimB. Wort Wizard without ChillZilla

Venturi Principle

Venturi Principle

Making beer!  Components

Making Beer!shimComponents


ChillZilla & Wort Wizard Kit - $195.95

Includes: ChillZilla Coil, Venturi & Barb and Gum Stopper Assembly (double-drilled stopper & tubes). THE ULTIMATE WORT TRANSFER SYSTEM! (See diagram "A" above)

Wort Wizard Kit - $25.95

Includes: Venturi & Barb and Gum Stopper Assembly (double-drilled stopper & tubes). Safely transfer and aerate hot wort from brewpot to fermenter (See diagram "B" above).

Gum Stopper Assembly - $6.95

Includes: Double-drilled stopper with both vacuum and aeration tubes inserted.

Individual Gum Stopper - $3.50

Double-drilled stopper.

**When you Email Us be sure to let us know which size stopper you require. Gum Stoppers are available in different sizes to accommodate your carboy system. The three most popular are (#6.5, 7, 10, or Custom).


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