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We love giving tours of our little brewery, but if you can't make it to Key West for the Grand Tour, we'll give you a quick overview here.

The available brewery space we had was tiny, roughly 144 square feet. A conventional brewing system was not the ideal choice so we had to be creative. We liken our dilemma to living on a boat. Everything must be compact yet functional and all available space must be used.

Looking into brewery from left   Looking into brewery from right

Looking into brewery from left.shimLooking into brewery from right.

There are a lot of high-capacity homebrew systems on the market that would have worked but after researching our options, we decided on the German 200 liter Braumeister from Speidel. This unique one-kettle system is not only portable but we don't have to clean multiple vessels after brewing. We can also position the kettle in the center of our 12'x12' brewery to have a 360 working space around it. This gave us unfettered access to everything else in the brewery without having ever having to move the kettle. The system offered exclusive features like the ability to whirlpool the finished wort for better removal of spent hops and coagulated proteins (trub). The kettle also has a cooling jacket which allows us to circulate a glycol coolant around the kettle to quickly chill the wort while whirlpooling.

Speidel manufactures four kettle sizes in 500, 200, 50 & 20 liter capacities. The YouTube link below demonstrates the common principles on how theses systems work. We also bought Speidel's 50 & 20 liter Braumeisters as pilot systems to test new recipes. We also use them to teach the brewing process to new members in our homebrew club, the Conch Republic BUBBAs (Brewers United Brewing Better Ales) and to participate in club events.

Bone Island is also a sales agent for Speidel products. Stop by the brewery. We are more than happy to give you a tour and show you our systems. If you have any questions you'd like to ask, Email Us

Watch YouTube video on German 200 liter Braumeister from Speidel.


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Located at, The Restaurant Store, 1111 Eaton Street in Key West, Florida 33040
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