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Wondering how it all got started?

Bone Island Brew Master Jim Brady remembers his first real taste of beer when he was 5 years old. He often brought his dadís empty glass to the kitchen sink while stealing that last warm, flat drop of malty goodness along the way. It was enough to fuel his dreams of an ice cold quaff of bubbly nirvana. One day Jim's dream came true. After a hot day on the golf course his dad and uncle poured themselves a Miller High Life and...

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Jim's dad downed his straightaway and poured another while Jim's uncle smiled in appreciation of his thirst. This was Jim's break and since his uncle was a cool guy, Jim knew heíd be his ally. "Dad, can I have a sip?" he asked. His dad shook his head but his uncle exclaimed, "Go ahead! Give the kid a sip, for Christís sake!" Jim's dad handed him the full glass and the rest was history. The second after that first cold, bubbly swallow, Jim knew what Heaven was. Glub, glub, glub. By the time his dad could react to snatch the glass back, half of it was gone!

Jim still has that very glass today. After his dad passed way, Jim asked his mom for it and keeps it in a safe place to use only on his birthday, the anniversary of his father's passing, and on very special occasions when his father's spirit is in attendance.

How Bone Island Brewing got started

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Citizen of the Day

Wort Wizard What is the "Wort Wizard"? Designed by Jim Brady, the Wort Wizard is a home-brewing tool that converts the wasted hydropower runoff from a counterflow chiller into a vacuum to draw hot wort from the kettle to the carboy while aerating and removing headspace foam. Learn more


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