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The Beer

With the hot island climate of Key West in mind, we brew beers to quench a tropical thirst. Unlike the West Coast trend toward highly hopped beers and insane IBU (bitterness) levels, Bone Island Brewing favors the wide range of natural malt flavors and their delicate sweetness rather than a cloying hop character that overwhelms the palate leaving you, thirsty. Our Calusa Pale Ale features the Cascade hop is created to achieve a malty balance yet assert the hop flavor and aroma one would expect for the style.

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Calusa - American Pale Ale
BJCP Category 10A

Calusa - American Pale Ale This style is a step down from an IPA (India Pale Ale) with regard to hops. We "dry hop" Calusa with a charge of fresh hops while still fermenting. Not boiling this hop addition allows volatile aroma properties normally boiled off quickly to remain and infuse without adding bitterness. The result is a wonderful hop aroma and flavor. We modestly bitter the brew with classic citrusy American hop varieties appropriate for the style without the bitterness cloying your palate.

Black Hole - Oatmeal Stout
BJCP Category 13C

Black Hole - Oatmeal Stout A smooth, light-to-medium bodied beer brewed with pale, caramel & chocolate malts from England and roasted malt from Germany. We selected the roasted German malt because the barleycorns are de-husked, thereby reducing astringent flavor notes commonly found in black beers. Aided by low carbonation, this surprisingly quaffable beer is also brewed with oatmeal and flaked barley which lends to it's smooth and silky mouthfeel. The roasted, chocolate and caramel blend of flavors is subtle, not assertive with just enough hops to balance yet allow the mallt sweetness to shine. Even for that "first beer of the day." Black Hole is surprisingly thirst-quenching. If you otherwise balk at choosing a dark beer at all, this one will open your eyes to what you could be missing!

Benediction - Belgian Tripel
BJCP Category 18A

Benediction - Belgian Tripel A Belgian abbey ale originated and brewed by Trappist monks. This high alcohol beer is bursting with flavor and fermented with the same unique yeast strain as the classic Belgian examples. Five hop strains are used and added to the boil kettle every 20 minutes. This brew is bursting with flavor yet surprisingly quaffable despite the high ABV but be careful! Imbibe too quickly and your session will be quite short! Brewed with Belgian pilsner malt and the finest pale Marris Otter malt from England, authentic Belgian candi sugar is added to the boil to increase the fermentable sugars to achieve the high alcohol content.

Hefe El Jefe - German Hefeweizen
BJCP Category 15A

Hefe El Jefe - German Hefeweizen Translated across two languages (German & Spanish), Hefe El Jefe means "yeast (is) the boss." The classic banana and subtle clove notes are derived from esters (flavor compounds) derived from the yeast. We ferment this beer with the same yeast strain as the famous Weihenstephan Brewery in Germany, the oldest brewery in the world (continuously operating since the year 1040!) and owned by the state of Bavaria. This beer is made from 50% German white wheat and 50% German pale malts with classic noble hops from Bavaria. This is a highly effervescent beer is light and refreshing, sure to satisfy.

Come sample our beer

Though the alcohol content of our Benediction Tripel should be respected and enjoyed slowly, we understand the island lifestyle and the need to quickly satisfy that parched palate. At Bone Island, we invite you to quaff a pint, let out a healthy burp and grin from ear to ear!

Come visit The Restaurant Store and our Key West brewery, featuring 4 Bone Island craft beers (please call to see what's currently on tap), as well as a wide range of hard-to-find commercial craft beers from around the world.

Making Maple Beer

Sometimes we like to open up the delivery door to the "Garagemahal" and bring out our home brewing system and brew some beer right in the parking lot. In this case we were using our Wort Wizard to help us make Maple Beer.
Wort Wizard making Maple Beer

High Honors Brewmaster Jim Brady was awarded high honors at a Florida Brewers Guild Festival in Ybor City. Jim win High Honors Story


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